Global change effects in river ecosystems (Glance)

Global change is expected to impact freshwater ecosystems severely, e.g. by prolonged periods of drought, an increasing number of floods, or reduced supply of freshwater in good quality. Streams and rivers are particularly vulnerable to global change and species inhabiting stream ecosystems are among the most vulnerable species because of the highly complex interactions between the hydrosphere and biosphere.

Therefore GLANCE investigates in four sub projects the impacts of changing flow conditions in rivers on benthic invertebrates.

  • Determination and quantification of flow traits of benthic invertebrates.
  • Quantification of global change impacts on hydrological and hydraulic conditions.
  • Improvement of climate change projections for benthic invertebrates.
  • Analysis of flow related changes and possible ecological effects at large spatial scales.


Lowlands: Treene

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Low mountain range: Kinzig

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Alpine: Ammer

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